Why Chem-Free?

Herbicides Harm our Bodies, our Animals, and our Planet

The severity of the damages caused by herbicide applications are finally coming to light. Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma is just the tip of the ice-burg, while chemical resistance and water contamination are a growing problem for our health and the planet. Herbicides are designed to kill... but Chem-Free Weed Control has a solution.

Help in our goal of an herbicide free environment by utilizing our proven, cost effective alternative to herbicide free weed control. Because we are effectively boiling the weeds from the inside out, there isn't a situation where our steam weed control couldn’t be used. Join us and our numerous partners in our journey to a chemical free environment. Decide to be healthy and preserve this great planet by not using herbicides.

The Chemical Free Factor

The chemical-free factor, of course, is a major one that promotes improved soil health, employee safety and other decreased environmental impacts. But because the machine explodes the cells of weeds, there is also no need to return to remove the weeds. They decompose on their own and are gone within a few days. The steam process can also be used in all weather conditions, whereas with chemicals, wind or rain means lost workdays.

Another benefit of steam is that the heat helps to germinate weed seeds. While that initially leads to more weeds sprouting, it also helps exhaust the weeds’ seed banks and eventually leads to much lower-maintenance beds.

Chem-Free Weed Control





Chemical Free

Safe for Bees

No Off-Target Damage

100% Safe for Children

100% Safe for Animals

100% Safe for Gardens

No Damage to Soil

No Exposure to Toxins

Safe for Environment

No Herbicide Resistance to Treatment

Plant or Use Area Immediately

No Water Contamination

* Harmful results most prevalent when used incorrectly.

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The Harmful Costs of using HERBICIDES

Chemical Resistance

Repeated applications of herbicides over  years has resulted in the evolution of many resistant species. This results in an increase of chemicals applied, which further damages surrounding ecosystems and increases costs. With our applications of steam, the weeds become more susceptible to killing and reduces treatment frequency.

Off-Target Damage

Chemical weed killers sprayed in even light breezes can result in over-spray and off-target damage to vegetation and horticultural crops. Chemical weed killers often release vapors, when applied incorrectly, which can cause sickness in chemically sensitive people. These off-target effects can lead to upset neighbors, plant damage and even financial hardship. By using our steam applications we have eliminated the risk of off target damage.


All chemical weed killers are toxins. Exposure to known toxins puts everyone at risk. Thermal technology removes toxicology risks associated with chemical weed control products. This keeps your communities safer, our streams cleaner and our animals safer.

Tarnished Public Image

There is now widespread public knowledge about the hazards of weed killing chemicals to the human body. Now a stigma is associated with chemical applications of weed killer. There is no need for a less then acceptable public image for yourself or your company when we can achieve weed control without the use of chemicals. People are looking for environmentally friendly and sustainability commitments from their neighbors and the companies they frequent.

Soil Structure

Commonly used weed killers are Glyphosate based. Glyphosate has been shown to kill soil microbes and nutrients. In using Chem-Free steam applications, the soil structure is not harmed.

Water Contamination

Chemical weed killers can move easily. Chemicals from paved surfaces such as parking lots and roadways can contaminate groundwater that flow into our rivers, streams and oceans. We need to protect out water sources at all costs. By removing chemicals from all water sources we win.

Public Safety

According to pesticide labels, most chemicals have an early interval period. This is the amount of time before anyone can safely enter the treated area. Our application areas have no such time restrictions. We can be applying as children are playing on the playground 20 feet away. If your animals enter the area, minutes after Chem-Free's steam application, there will be no harm due to chemicals.

Habit, Ecosystem, & Bees

Weed killers have the potential to contaminate habitats of sensitive populations of endangered species such as frogs, bees, fish and butterflies. which are essential to healthy ecosystems. Bees and butterflies are the pollinators of our produce that we require to survive. We don't realize the devastating effects that will happen if we lose something as simple as a bee species. Bee populations are being decimated due to chemical pesticides being used incorrectly or applied to the flower of the frequented pollinators. By removing the use of chemical weed control, we are removing that threat to our valuable bee populations.

Help us save our planet, our pets, and ourselves

When you no longer use herbicides, like Round-up, for your weed control the positive feeling you will get knowing you are helping the environment and keeping your loved ones safe is unparalleled. You will no longer have to worry about water contamination, off target loss, chemical exposure, health issues, chemical resistance or habitat and soil structure damage. By choosing not to apply herbicides you aren’t just helping yourself, your neighbor, or your community; You're helping fish and wildlife by not polluting our waterways. You're helping the end user of an organic farm because your not contaminate a waterway that the organic farm is using to irrigate his crops. You are helping the birds, turtles, and deer that rely on clean water to survive. The effects of Herbicides like Round-up, Preen, and 24-D have more of an impact than we think. The way to save our environment is through education of the benefits of an herbicide free environment.

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